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ACS in SL as the premier virtual experience for cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and warriors

Stingray Raymaker, Director of the American Cancer Society in Second Life, has a vision that features ACS in SL as the premier virtual experience for cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and warriors to find support, answers, education, and resources to help virtual avatars and their loved ones across the grid.

The volunteer structure represents teams of equals, where each member of every team has a focus on various priorities that make up the complete picture of the American Cancer Society in Second Life in partnership with Linden Lab.


The Events Leadership Team provides overall vision and strategic guidance for the American Cancer Society in Second Life. This team develops and executes outreach strategy for the recruitment of new volunteers, new partnerships, new relationships, and new events. This team also advocates on behalf of all teams within the American Cancer Society volunteer structure. They also maintain our Discord Server named "ACS Second Life", as well as our social media sites, and encourage everyone to drop in on the ongoing conversations.

Stingray Raymaker has been working for ACS since 2007, in partnership with Linden Lab, as Director of ACS in SL. Sting is a people person, very creative and understands the power of virtual communities who support the global mission of funding cancer research and patient caregiver services both in and outside of Second Life.

Stingray Raymaker
MamaP Alter

MamaP Alter arrived in Second Life over 17 years ago and almost immediately became involved with The American Cancer Society. She has a long history with Relay For Life of Second Life, volunteering over the years in a number of roles, including two years as Relay Chair in 2011 and 2012.

Trager Alter has been involved in many areas of Second Life over the last 16 years, including rental community development, live artist venue owner and content creator. It was not until he became involved with ACS that he found the true outlet for his passion to be creative and give back in a meaningful and consequential way.

Events Leadership Team

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