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SL Fandom Con Event Coordinator

From: Stingray Raymaker, Director of the American Cancer Society in Second Life.

Attention all virtual adventurers, fandom enthusiasts, and digital dreamers. We are thrilled to unveil a shining gem in our midst who has stepped up to coordinate Fandom Con.

Join us in welcoming Gemstone Sunkiller (Gem), a long time Relayer and respected Relay For Life of Second Life Season Lead, to help guide us through an unparalleled celebration of all things fandom in the mesmerizing realm of Second Life.

The American Cancer Society in Second Life extends our deepest gratitude to Roxy & Cody, Ariadne & Mr Senet, and all the other volunteers who stepped up to help launch the inaugural 2023 SL Fandom Con. It was an amazing success and raised over $11,000 for the American Cancer Society.

As we look ahead to 2024, we’re ready to be dazzled again, as Gem, a name synonymous with creativity and boundless imagination, steps forward to take the helm as our SL Fandom Con MEGA Event Coordinator,” said Stingray9798 Raymaker, Director of the American Cancer Society in Second Life. “With her wealth of experience in Relay For Life of Second Life and her assistance over the years with various MEGA Events, Gem is sure to be a remarkable conductor to orchestrate the symphony of fandoms that will converge in this virtual extravaganza.”

SL Fandom Con promises to be a beacon of joy, unity, and unparalleled excitement for so many fandom communities inworld. Get ready to step into a digital wonderland where your passions become your reality.

Stay tuned for more details, sneak peeks, and announcements as we continue to build a community who will create an event that will leave your hearts pounding and your spirits soaring.

The countdown to the 2024 SL Fandom Con has already begun and the adventure of a lifetime awaits.


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